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For four weeks, starting April 25, we’re going to walk through this new Greater Things series together as a church family. Existing groups will get resources for their group. And if you’ve never been part of a life group before, there will be a unique, four-week group meeting on Tuesday nights starting April 25. This is the perfect opportunity to kick the tires, and experience first-hand that God created us to thrive in a community. We’re better together!

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to be part of this incredible experience. God is doing big things among us, and we want you to be a part of it. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow and connect with your church family. Let’s take this journey together and discover the Greater Things that await us!

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Greater Faith

God calls us to live by faith.  Not foolish or blind faith, but bold and sacrificial faith. We believe He can do even greater things than we’ve seen in this church over the past 54 years. Because the greater our faith, the greater He works.

We Are The Plan

Have you ever been in a situation like a meeting or a conversation with something to accomplish or do and you just wondered to yourself, what’s the plan? Where are we going? What’s going to happen next? In this second week of Greater Things, we talk about what God’s plan actually is, what His intention is for our world and what that has to do with you and with me.

Worth the Sacrifice

Jesus sacrificed for us, giving His life so we could live. Sacrifice is the way of the kingdom. It’s how God operates, and it’s how He calls us to live. But sacrifice isn’t meant to be a burden or a call to a miserable life. As we discover in this message, Kingdom living brings abundant joy. And that joy comes from sacrifice.

Is Anything Too Hard For God?

Most of us have been in situations that seem impossible. We may have faced something out of our control and wondered, “Where is God” or “How will we get through.” As we continue our series called Greater Things, we find hope in these truths, God is present, and nothing is too hard for Him.

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