Future Locations

Planting Churches

Reaching our Neighbors by Starting New Churches

Being a church together for our neighbors is more than a vision. It’s an invitation, a mandate, to spread the gospel to every corner of the world. Over the last 54 years, Northshore has been passionate about reaching our neighbors by planting churches, missional outposts for the lost and lonely to find healing and hope through Christ.

In the Puget Sound, five out of ten people say they haven’t attended church in the last six months. The greater Seattle area is eager for an encounter with Jesus, so we go out into our community, city by city, fulfilling the Great Commission.

A Different Approach

When we launched Northshore online in 2019, we became a multisite church: one church with people gathered in multiple locations. Recognizing the effectiveness of this model, we look to the future, and we want to send out new congregations while remaining one church.

Many factors go into determining the best location to plant future campuses. Things like geographic location, population density, and the current number of Northshore members living in the area are all considered. We’ve been called to go and multiply, so we look to areas to the north like Mill Creek, Lynnwood, and Everett. To the south, looking at cities like Redmond or Bellevue, prayerfully asking God to open doors and highlight the specific city our church is needed for such a time as this.

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